Intensive driving school in gravesend

Passed Driving Test

Kent Learners have driving instructors living near Gravesend and will provide intensive driving courses in Gravesend and the surrounding areas. We offer all the local towns and villages driving lessons and if you are taking your driving test in Gravesend then we are familiar with the local driving test routes and will try to give you as much experience on these routes as possible.

We know the roads well which enables us to find the best types of roads and junction to perfect various manoeuvres and types of driving. The routes used around Gravesend will consist of a mix of urban and rural.

The more urban driving practice will be in Gravesend itself and the Medway Towns – Swanscombe, Northfleet or Dartford. The rural routes around the Gravesend area will use the roads between the surrounding villages (depending on your exact location). So for example routes around Shorne, Istead Rise, Southfleet, Bean, Hartley and South Darenth areas might be used.