Passed Driving Test

Kent Learners have intensive driving instructors in and around Ashford. We provide intensive driving in Ashford and the surrounding areas, serving all of the local towns and villages.

We will give you as much experience around the local roads and test routes in Ashford if you are planning on taking your test at one of the driving test centres in Ashford.

Many students are in this area and we know the roads very well. This enables us to find the ideal types of roads and junctions  to practice different manoeuvres and types of driving. The routes used around Ashford will consist of a mix of urban and rural routes.

The urban driving practice will be in Ashford or one of busier towns/villages nearby (depending on where you are located) such as Wye, Folkestone, Cranbrook, Tenterden or Hythe.

In Spring 2008 a ‘shared space’ was introduced in the ashford area and this is one of a few ‘shared spaces’ in the UK where most street furniture, road markings and traffic lights have been removed and the speed limit reduced to 20mph. We will cover this during your lessons as it is near the test centre and appears on some of the test routes.

The rural routes around the Ashford area will use the roads between the surrounding villages. So for example routes around the Headcorn, Bethersden, Charing, Aldington,  Kingsnorthand Woodchurch areas might be used.