Theory Driving Test

Passed Driving Test

Before booking an intensive driving course with Kent Learners, we recommend you have already passed your theory test.

86% is the theory test pass mark. To pass the first section, the multiple-choice questions, you will need to answer 43 out of 53 questions correctly. There will be a time limit of just under an hour, at 57 minutes.

The test is performed digitally at the Theory test centre and you will get a couple of sample questions before the test begins to ensure you are happy with how it works.

As long as you get at least 43 out of 53 questions correct, it doesn’t matter what multiple choice questions you have got right or wrong.

The DVLA has hundreds of official questions which are chosen at random, so no two entrants will receive an identical exam.

Your multiple choice section will be followed by a hazard perception test. You will need to click when you see potential hazards when you are shown video clips. Do not keeping clicking as you will be marked down for this!

If you have any questions regarding completing your theory test before booking an intense driving course with us, please give us a call!